Jul 14th Faulty Disk Incident on Super Hosting (FIN - cPanel)

On 2021-07-13 02:22:46 UTC+7, we noticed an issue and swiftly contacted the data centre to find out what the problem was. After investigating, they advised us there was a faulty disk on the server and this needed to be replaced. This was completely out of our control and as a result, we have had to reinstall everything again on the server after ... Read More »

Jul 13th [Completed] System Failure on Super Hosting (FIN - cPanel)

[Updated]Status : SelesaiCaused by : Disk FaultySolution : Replace new disk, re-install & re-configure all system, restoring all hosting account --- The monitor FIN Server ( is currently DOWN (Host Is Unreachable). This server has experienced a system failure. Impact: All websites on this server are unreachable ... Read More »